Permitting & Inspections

About Us

The division provides permitting and inspection services for all construction including building, electrical, mechanical, fire systems, grading and sediment control, forest conservation, new road construction, storm drains, and storm water management, improvements for the purpose of public safety and ensuring quality private and public infrastructure.

Do I Need a Permit?

The key to knowing if a project needs a building permit is to determine if the work planned can realistically be called maintenance or not. Permits are generally NOT required for maintenance or aesthetic changes like painting, new roof shingles, window replacement of the same sizes, etc., unless the property is located in the Historic District. However, once the work description involves terms such as constructing, enlarging, altering, moving or removing, demolishing, etc., then chances are very good that a building permit will be required. In addition, permits are required for all electrical, mechanical/HVAC, fire protection, site development, tree removal and sign installation/modification, sheds, decks, patios that change the drainage pattern, and interior remodeling work.

Use and Occupancy Permits are required for all commercial businesses. This includes existing businesses that change name or ownership. Commercial tenant spaces cannot be occupied until a request for Use and Occupancy is issued AND a field Use and Occupancy inspection is approved.

Digital Submission Requirements

Certain applications have specific digital submission requirements that need to be followed: