Public Safety

Gaithersburg Police Department

The Gaithersburg Police Department safeguards the lives of those within the City, enforces the laws and ordinances of the State of Maryland and the City of Gaithersburg, protects property, maintains the safe and orderly flow of traffic, and assists in securing, for all persons, equal protection of the law.

The Gaithersburg Police Department is a nationally-accredited law enforcement agency that shares responsibility for services with the Montgomery County Police, providing coverage 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Department responds to calls for service as necessary, and utilizes community action teams, when appropriate, to solve problems and deal with issues affecting the safety of all City neighborhoods.

Gaithersburg Police are active in the community and dedicated to providing quality services in a timely and efficient manner. The Department also provides philanthropic support to the community through charity fundraisers, participating in community meetings, providing lectures and other services such as security surveys and more.

The Department consists of the following divisions:

Alert Gaithersburg

Alert Gaithersburg is a notification system that can immediately contact subscribers during an emergency or relay time-sensitive weather, traffic and public safety information. It delivers important emergency alerts, notifications and updates to several electronic devices simultaneously, including multiple e-mail accounts (work, home, etc.), and cell phones.

Community Services Officer

The Community Services Officer (CSO) serves as the focal point for communication between the citizens and the police department and facilitates a cohesive and proactive approach to problem solving by the department.

Complaints and Commendations

The Gaithersburg Police Department strives to provide you with the best possible law enforcement and community services on a continuous basis. We also believe that there is always room for us to improve the level and quality of our service and we welcome input from members of the public.

Gaithersburg Police Foundation

The Gaithersburg Police Foundation raises funds to support the Gaithersburg Police Department as a premier employer that delivers quality community policing, instilling public trust, safety and open communication.

Neighborhood Watch

Our Neighborhood Watch Program is designed to open the lines of communication between the police department and the community. By educating the community in home security techniques, operation identification and neighborhood watch concepts we can collectively reduce criminal opportunity.

Police Department Accreditation

The Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies standards reflect best practices in professional law enforcement, build trust in the community and increase accountability in the agency and the community.

Police Department History

On April 1, 1963, a resolution creating the Gaithersburg Police Department was signed by Mayor Merton F. Duvall. This resolution specified a traffic unit to be created within the Department; however, such a unit was not formed until 1983.

Police Department Recruitment

The City of Gaithersburg Police Department, an equal opportunity employer, is a nationally accredited law enforcement agency located in the heart of Montgomery County, Maryland.

Prescription Medication Disposal

Unused or expired prescription medications that can become a public safety hazard can now be dropped off at the Gaithersburg Police Station daily between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. This is an anonymous service.

Safe Speed Program

The goal of the Safe Speed program is to reduce speeding on residential streets and streets near schools in an effort to prevent injuries and fatalities among pedestrians and motorists.