Recycling & Bulk Pick Up

Recycling Cart & Bin

Recycling and loose leaf collection is available to single family homes and townhouses. The City contracts with a private hauler for the collection of newspapers, mixed paper, corrugated cardboard, commingled cans, glass containers and plastic bottles. The recycling contractor also collects brush, branches, grass clippings, leaves and other yard trimmings.

Recycling Service Summary

Recycling in Gaithersburg is easy now that residents of single family homes and townhouses can "single stream" their recyclables. Single streaming simplifies the recycling process by allowing customers to combine recyclable paper, plastic, glass, steel and aluminum materials into one single container for collection.

Recycling Holiday Schedule

Holidays to be observed are Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. If a holiday falls on your regular recycling day, then collection will take place on an alternate Saturday.

Recycling Containers

The City of Gaithersburg offers two sizes of recycling containers to choose from, a 65 Gallon Wheeled Cart or an 18 Gallon Bin.

Bulk Pick Up

The City provides monthly bulk refuse collection to single family homes and townhouses for large items that private collectors will not accept.

Oil and Antifreeze Recycling Area

The City of Gaithersburg encourages residents to use the oil and antifreeze recycling building that is designed to promote clean and easy use.

Loose Leaf Collection

Loose leaf collection is available to single family homes and townhouses in the spring and fall.

Holiday Tree Recycling

Holiday trees are considered normal yard waste and will be collected from single family homes and townhouses by the City’s recycling contractor.