City Closures & Cancellations
All City facilities are closed, all programs are cancelled, and all but the most essential of City services are curtailed through at least June 14, 2020.
      • Closure & Cancellation Information (updated 5/27/2020 3:35 p.m.)
      • Emergency Assistance, Resources & Volunteer Opportunities (updated 5/27/2020 3:35 p.m.)

  • Coronavirus - Stay Home: Even if you're feeling healthy, distancing will help stop the spread. Stay Safe: Wash your hands, cover coughs & sneezes, stay home if ill. Stay Aware: Rely on reputable sources like state agencies & the CDC. Stay Calm: No need to panic. We will get through this together.

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  • Census2020: I Count, I am Gaithersburg

    Census2020: I Count

    I Am Gaithersburg

  • Paws in the Park

    Dog enjoying a stroll

    Through a City Park

  • Rio Washingtonian Center in Snow

    Rio Lakefront

  • Girls at La Milla de Mayo

    Children enjoying

    Spring Showers

Novel Coronavirus Information

Novel Coronavirus Information

The City continues to monitor the situation and provide updates for emergency assistance, resources and volunteer opportunities.

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