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How Should We Spend Your Money?

Gaithersburg’s elected officials and staff are working on the Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 budget. An important part of that process is public input. Please take a moment to learn about where the City’s money comes from, how it’s been spent in recent years, and add your thoughts about funding priorities for the future.

FY19 Adopted Budget: $70.7 million

Property Tax Rate: $0.262 per $100 of assessed value. (The tax rate has only increased once since 1964.)

What does Gaithersburg spend your money on?

It can be difficult to comment on where best to allocate money when you’re not exactly sure what your local government does. Maintaining City parks, streets and sidewalks – check. We do that. Providing police services. Yup. Offering afterschool programs and opportunities for kids to volunteer. That’s us, too. Inspecting buildings for safety. We’re on it. Hosting events like the Book Festival and Fireworks – no one does it better. We collect your recycling, too (which 94% of you say that you do, by the way, and THANK YOU for that).

Click here for a comprehensive list, or poke around on our website to get a better idea of what we do.

FY2019 Budget Charts

So what are YOUR priorities?
Tell us in this 6-question survey - CLOSED January 26 


 Want all the details? You can do your homework here:
 FY19 Budget  FY18 Audited Statement
 FY19 Strategic Plan  2017 Biennial Citizen Survey

 FY2020 Budget Timeline

February 23 Mayor & City Council Visioning Exercise
March 18 Budget Introduction and Budget Survey Results
April 2 Draft Budget Available Online
April 15  Public Hearing on Budget and Tax Rate
April 22 / 23 
Work Session(s) - April 23 only if needed
May 8 
Public Comment Record Closes
 June 3  Mayor and City Council Consideration of Budget