Write-In City Council Candidate Carol Johnson

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On August 26, 2019, the Board of Supervisors of Elections certified the candidacies of Neil Harris, Ryan Spiegel & Robert Wu. On October 7, 2019, the Board certified two write-in candidates, Juan Aguirre & Nicole Ukiteyedi, and on October 22, 2019, the Board certified one write-in candidate, Carol Johnson, as additional candidates.

Write-In City Council Candidate Carol JohnsonCarol Johnson

  • Age: 64

  • Residency in Gaithersburg: 34 years

  • Education: University of Colorado & Harvard University

  • Occupation: Physicist, NIST

  • Experience in Municipal, County, State or Federal Government: None

  • Organizations, Committees, Clubs: Secretary, Germantown Masters Swim Team 2019 - 2020

  • Awards/Special Recognition: Gold Medal, US Dept of Commerce

  • Special Interests: gardening, hiking, volunteering at Seneca Creek State Park

I am tired of the decline of Old Town and established City corridors and neighborhoods; City decisions that seem eager for economic development independent of the overall impact; and City management policy that is able to disregard public input or be required to solicit impartial expert opinion. I will provide an alternative to ad hoc proposals for development by advocating robust strategic planning in collaboration with residents and businesses. If the Master Plan says “light commercial” for an area, then this should be what is built there. I will fight to bring City code and regulations up to the safety standards of Montgomery County. The approval of deep pocket, hypermarket commercial vendors without a plan for the inevitable disruption of established businesses and resulting blight, loss of community services, loss of tax income, and growth of vacant properties is detrimental to our community. Instead of providing leadership in ways to reduce the City’s carbon footprint, the City continues with sprawl development, pavement of green spaces, allowed destruction of mature canopy trees that may not be replaceable, and apparent disregard for the intentions expressed in City Code and Master Plan. None of this is necessary, and if elected I won’t help perpetuate the status quo. I offer the voters a choice. I find many aspects of the City to be wonderful, for example the Senior Center, the wide range of recreational classes, and the rebate program for wastewater management. Let’s keep the wonderful things and improve where needed.

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