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Corridor Facts

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The Frederick Avenue Corridor study area comprises a little more than 700 acres along Maryland Route 355 in the City of Gaithersburg. The four mile stretch includes properties located right up to the road along with some that are set further back, such as Lakeforest Mall. The original intent was to have the entire Corridor zoned CD; however, there are currently several differing zones along the Corridor, each with its own unique development requirements. Click on the maps and charts below to get an understanding of the different zones and land uses within the Corridor. 

Zoning Map

A map defining the zoning of all properties within the Corridor.

Zoning Map

Land use Map

A map of the current land uses of all properties within the Corridor.

Land-Use Map

Property Inventory

A chart detailing the number of tax parcels within the Corridor.

Parcel Inventory

Uses Permitted by Zone

A chart listing all of the zones found within the Corridor and the types of uses permitted in each.

355 streetscape

Development Requirements by Zone

A chart comparing the different development requirements of all zones found within the Corridor.


Districts Map

A map of the three districts of the Corridor. The current CD Zone has different height requirements based on district.

Districts Map

Heights Comparison

A graph illustrating the various building heights permitted along the Corridor based on zone and district.

355 streetscape