Frequently Asked Questions

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Common questions and answers regarding this project. These will be updated as we receive your comments.

What is zoning?

A tool used to govern physical development within a municipality and the processes by which new development can be approved. This is different from a Master Plan, which makes recommendations on where certain uses (such as retail) should specifically be located. Zoning lays out the standards that must be met and processes that must be followed in order to build something like a retail store. Zoning ordinances can include regulations on uses, building size, yard size, open space, density of development, and signage, among other things.

Why do we need to review the CD Zone?

The Corridor Development (CD) Zone was developed in conjunction with and to implement the Frederick Avenue Corridor Land Use Plan, adopted in 2001, which envisioned the entire Corridor being zoned CD. Subsequent to the adoption of that plan, only some of the properties within the Corridor were rezoned to CD. The City wants to determine if the stated purpose, development requirements and approval processes within the CD Zone are still valid and can accommodate revitalization and future growth.

What is included in this effort?

The purpose of this effort is to collect information on the effectiveness of the CD Zone and determine whether or not it adequately serves the Frederick Avenue Corridor. No changes to the CD Zone are proposed at this time. If, after reviewing the information collected in the survey, the Mayor and City Council concludes it is necessary to change the CD Zone, then a full public process with a public hearing would occur.

Where can I find the current zoning for my property?

Zoning information for individual properties is available on the City's website here. Both a PDF zoning map and interactive map through the City's Online Mapping Application.

Where can I find a copy of the current zoning ordinance?

The zoning ordinance is Chapter 24 of the City Code, which can be found on the City’s website here. For the CD Zone only, go to the Background Materials link.

What are the next steps after the survey?

After the survey closes, staff will take a few weeks to analyze the results. Findings will be presented to the Mayor and City Council and Planning Commission, where guidance will be sought on whether or not to change the CD Zone and if so, how.

How can I provide input or ask questions about the project?

We would love to hear from you! Please e-mail