Crown Farm

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The Crown Farm is a large scale transit-oriented, mixed-use development. This project has been a priority for the City since its annexation in 2006. The original developers for the Crown Farm went into bankruptcy during the recession and the project was stopped. The project was purchased out of bankruptcy in January of 2010. The current owners, VII Crown Farm Owner, LLC, submitted a revised sketch plan application, Z-315, and a Second Amendment to the X-182 Annexation Agreement that were both approved December 6, 2010.

The sketch plan and agreement established a mix of uses including 2,250 residential units in a variety of dwelling unit types and up to 320,000 square feet of commercial/retail development, divided among six Neighborhoods. Two of the Neighborhoods would have neither housing nor commercial components; one is a potential future Montgomery County school site (Neighborhood 6) and the other (Neighborhood 4), a City park. Following the sketch plan approval, work began in earnest in Neighborhoods 1 & 2, with construction commencing in 2013.

For information related to homes, commercial tenants, and latest goings on at Crown, the Developers have created a website: