Kentlands Square SK-7503-2017

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The applicant requests approval of Sketch Plan Application SK-7503-2017. The subject area is a ±12 acre tract of land within a larger existing developed shopping center site owned by Saul Holdings Limited Partnership totaling approximately 34.9 acres known as the “Kentlands Square.” The Applicant is pursuing the redevelopment starting point for the transformation of the Kentlands Square Property into a mixed-use community as envisioned by the City’s “ Kentlands Boulevard Commercial District Special Study Area” (the “Master Plan”). SK-7503-2017 will establish an urban street grid, provide for important pedestrian and bicycle linkages to other sites in the Kentlands, and ensure that buildings are appropriately oriented closely to existing public roads. The subject area property, which corresponds to the area identified as Blocks A2, D and E and a portion of Block A1 in the Master Plan, will form the core of the new downtown of Kentlands with a planned Corridor Cities Transitway (“CCT”) station as an anchor. This initial proposal will be the Applicant’s first step in bringing the Master Plan vision into fruition.

The SK-7503-2017 application was approved by the Mayor & City Council on July 17, 2017, by resolution R-44-17.