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Revised City Road Code

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Amendments to Chapters 19 & 20 / New Regulations

The Road Code defines the various types of roads found in the City and the minimum engineering design standards. The current Road Code is defined in Sec. 19-14 - Road classification and minimum requirements. This section and its classifications were established in 1968 and reflected auto-centric traffic volume movement as the focus. Since the early 1980’s the City has not approved or built any roads to these standards. All subsequent projects up and through the Crown development have roads approved through Road Code waivers.

The Mayor and City Council, in the FY 18 Annual Strategic Plan, directed as an Action Item to “Amend and Adopt City Road Code.”  Developing new road typologies was the first step in amending the Road Code.  The developed typologies, notes and details, and a collection of traffic calming best practices were presented during the Mayor and City Council joint work session with the Planning Commission on March 26, 2018. The City Council and Planning Commission supported the new typologies and their incorporation into a regulation along with the other materials. The Council, on October 15, 2018 introduced ordinance amendments to Chapters 19 & 20 of the City Code that in part authorizes the establishment of the Road Code regulation.

The proposed regulation and amended Chapters 19 & 20 comprising the new Road Code:

  • Will not void existing plan approvals or road designs;
  • Will not require the retrofit of existing roads;
  • Will establish elements to be pursued to the greatest extent possible when retrofitting roads, but acknowledges that existing rights-of-way may preclude constructing the full typology cross-sections;
  • Will apply to new roads proposed as part of future development plans;
  • Includes typologies of roads not currently found within the City;
  • Provides that roads may exhibit different typologies over their entire length as adjoining contexts change; and
  • Will apply to both public and privately owned roads and includes waiver provisions.

Project Status

The ordinance amendments were introduced at the Mayor & City Council meeting on October 15, 2018. A Public Hearing before the Mayor & City Council and the introduction of the regulations were held on November 19, 2018. The records for the proposed changes & regulations will remain open to receive comments until 5 p.m. Thursday December 20, 2018 with Final Action tentatively scheduled for January 7, 2019. Comments on either of the ordinance amendments or the regulations may be mailed to Planning & Code Administration, 31 S. Summit Ave Gaithersburg, MD 20877, or e-mailed to up until the closing of their records. For questions related to these applications, please contact or 301-258-6330.