The Spectrum at Watkins Mill

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The subject property (“Property”) is located east of Interstate 270 and west of Route 355, and is bounded on the west by Route 355, to the north by P 370 & P 182 (Potomac Electric Power Co.), and to the east by parcel N391 (Colonial Pipeline Co.), Parcels N526 and N417 (Humane Society of the United States), and Interstate 270. The Property is currently bounded on the south by parcel N860 (Monument Realty), but will be bounded on the south by the future Watkins Mill Road extended.



Application Z301A/SDP-11-002 has been filed requesting approval of an amendment to both sketch plan Z-301 and Schematic Development Plan SDP-07-001, known as the Spectrum at Watkins Mill (Parcels N668, N633, N565, P360, P356, P457, N561, P450, N455, N613, N686), and N572) in Gaithersburg, Maryland. The Sketch Plan proposes 214,810 square feet of mixed office, restaurant, commercial, service station, senior center/public uses, including 678 multi-family residential units to be built in two phases on approximately 40.1 acres of land. The amended schematic development plan proposes to modify the previously approved plan to incorporate an additional 296 multi-family residential units within Phase One and reduce the proposed commercial and retail square footage within the allowances provided under the proposed sketch plan. The subject property is bordered by North Frederick Avenue, Watkins Mill Road, and Interstate 270.

Summary of Previous Approvals

On June 19, 2006, the Mayor and City Council approved Zoning Map Amendment Z-301, which rezoned 40.10 acres, known as Casey East from I-3 (Industrial Office Park) zone to the MXD (Mixed Use Development Zone). The rezoning, effective July 10, 2006, was approved with eight (8) conditions, as described in Ordinance O-05-06. On the same date, the Mayor and City Council also approved Schematic Development Plan SDP-05-003, known as Casey East. The Schematic Development Plan was approved with 29 conditions as described in Resolution R-65-06. An amendment to the SDP, SDP-07-001 was approved by resolution R-92-07 on August 20, 2007. At the time of SDP approval, the project was approved in two phases, as follows:

Phase 1: Commencement at Approval of the Final Site Plan

  • 105,400 Square feet mixed use (retail, restaurant, commercial) - Buildings B, D, F, G, H, L, M, and S
  • 29,200 Square feet County Police Station - Building P
  • 30,000 Square Feet City Senior Center - Building Q
  • 224 Condominium units over retail with parking deck - Buildings A and C

Phase 2: Commencement of Watkins Mill Road Interchange

  • 8,900 Square feet mixed use (bank/service) – Buildings O and N
  • 17,000 Square feet mixed use (retail/restaurant) – Buildings E, I J, and R
  • 60,000 Square feet office – Building K
  • 158 Condominium units (age-restricted) with parking deck – Building R