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Transportation Projects

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1. Watkins Mill Interchange

2. M83 - Midcounty Highway

3. MD - 355 Bus Rapid Transit Route

4. Lake Forest Transit Center Modernization

5. Ride on Extra - Express Bus Route

6. I-270 Innovative Congestion Management

7. Corridor Cities Transitway - Bus Rapid Transit Route

8. Quince Orchard Boulevard Reconstruction

1. Watkins Mill Interchange

A Maryland State Highway Administration project creating a new interchange at I-270 and linking East and West Watkins Mill Roads. Notice to proceed is scheduled for July 31, 2017.

Contact: Bill Kucharek

2. Mid-county Highway (M83)

Montgomery County Dept. of Transportation (MCDOT) conducted the Midcounty Corridor Study to: relieve projected congestion on roadways between Gaithersburg and Clarksburg; improve mobility east of I-270; improve safety and efficiency; improve vehicular, pedestrian, and bicycle access to destinations within the study area; and to develop these improvements in an environmental sensitive manner. 

Project information at -

Contact: John B. “JT” Thomas

3. MD-355 Bus Rapid Transit Route

Maryland Department of Transportation, in partnership with Montgomery County Department of Transportation, is planning the implementation of bus rapid transit (BRT) on Maryland 355. This project is part of the Countywide Transit Corridors Functional Master Plan. It spans from Clarksburg to Bethesda. Most of its alignment goes along MD 355 (North Frederick Road, Rockville Pike, and Wisconsin Ave).

Contact: Joana Conklin

4. Lakeforest Transit Center Modernization

This Montgomery County project builds upon recommendations from the Lake Forest Transit Needs Study detailing site expansion in a two phased approach. In the ultimate build-out, the study recommends including: 1) provisions for an operator restroom facility; and 2) the inclusion of six (6) additional bus bays to improve bus circulation by 2040.

Project information at -

Contact: Rebecca Park

5. Ride on Extra - Express Bus Route

The Ride On Extra bus service is a limited stop and thereby faster service between the Lakeforest Transit Center and the Medical Center Metro Station in Bethesda. 

Project information at -

Contact: Phil McLaughlin

6. I-270 Innovative Congestion Management

The Maryland State Highway Administration’s I-270 Innovative Congestion Management Project; improvements are to be built between Frederick and I-495 along I-270. Improvements, such as metered ramps, lane extensions and roadway design, will relieve congestion and ease commuter travel along MD I-270.

Contact: Steve McVeigh

7. Corridor Cities Transitway (CCT)-Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Route. 

The CCT first phase is a 9 mile BRT system traveling through the City of Gaithersburg. The project will provide transit service to new transit-oriented mixed use development and existing centers of commerce, residential, and educational development, including Metropolitan Grove, Kentlands, The Universities at Shady Grove, Life Sciences Center (LSC), Crown Farm, and King Farm.

Contact: Kyle Nembhard

8. Quince Orchard Blvd. Reconstruction

The proposed improvements to Quince Orchard Boulevard under this project will include pavement and sidewalk reconstruction, the removal and replacement of existing trees, the installation of storm water management (SWM) infrastructure, and improvements to the storm drain network as well as other roadway related activities.

Contact: Public Works