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Whistleblower Information

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The City of Gaithersburg upholds the public trust by operating in an open, ethical and law-abiding environment. We have an organizational responsibility to create an environment where suspected improper or illegal actions can be reported without fear of retaliation. The Mayor and City Council have enacted a Whistleblower Ordinance to ensure that we continue to hold ourselves to the highest ethical standard.

The City has contracted with Navex Global to operate our Whistleblower Hotline, providing a confidential, safe and secure way to report concerns.

If you witness or suspect an illegal, improper or unethical activity, don’t ignore it – REPORT IT. The Hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To Make a Report

City Attorney's Office
Gaithersburg City Hall
31 South Summit Avenue
Gaithersburg, MD 20877

Who Can Make a Report?

  • City Employees and Officials
  • Citizens
  • Vendors, Customers and Other Stakeholders

Why Should I Report It?
Improper and illegal actions can discredit City government and undermine the public trust. Working together we can help ensure that the City operates with the highest level of honesty, accountability and integrity.

What Should be Reported?
Any suspected improper or illegal activity should be reported. Examples include:

  • Criminal action or conduct
  • Theft, unauthorized use or misuse of City property or resources
  • Falsifying financial or personnel records or payroll/timekeeping information
  • Misappropriation of funds, supplies or other assets
  • Grossly violating, disregarding or circumventing City policies, procedures or regulations
  • Contract or procurement fraud
  • Soliciting or accepting a kickback or bribe
  • Retaliating or directing others to retaliate against employees or individuals for filing a report or cooperating with a Whistleblower investigation

What Doesn’t Fall Under the Whistleblower Ordinance?
The Hotline should not be used for submitting suggestions or as a reporting process for addressing:

  • Service issues or complaints
  • Routine communication/personnel issues between supervisors and employees
  • Issues handled through the City’s grievance process
  • Issues that are the responsibility of other government agencies

What Do I Include in a Report?
To ensure a thorough investigation, please provide:

  • Date and time the incident(s) occurred
  • Suspected person(s) involved
  • Detailed description of the incident (what, where, when, how, amounts, and who else may be aware of the incident)
  • Copies of documents, information or other evidence that will support your allegations
  • Your contact information (if you choose to provide it)

Do I Have to Give My Name?
You can make an anonymous report. But please know that it might be difficult to verify facts and gather evidence if we have no one to contact. By allowing us to reach you, we can gather additional information if necessary and update you on the results of the review or investigation if appropriate.

What Happens When I File a Report?
Reports are maintained in a secure location and are made available only to authorized individuals who are reviewing or investigating the incident. After a thorough analysis of the report, an investigation will be conducted if we feel there is sufficient information to support the alleged violation.

How Long Does an Investigation Take?
The time to complete a review and investigation can vary from a few weeks to several months depending on how complex the issue is.

Will My Report be Kept Confidential?
To the fullest extent possible, the report, the identity of the individual making it, the person(s) involved in the incident and those participating in the review or investigation, and all related materials will be kept confidential.

Am I Protected from Retaliation?
The City’s Whistleblower Ordinance protects employees and other individuals from retaliation for reporting improper or illegal actions. This protection also extends to those who cooperate with, participate in, or otherwise assist in the review or investigation, and any resulting proceedings.

The City of Gaithersburg Whistleblower Hotline is not an emergency service. Report incidents presenting an immediate threat to life or property to 911.