Constitution Gardens Park

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Constitution Gardens Park
Constitution Gardens Park
Constitution Gardens Park

Constitution Gardens celebrates the past, present and future of Gaithersburg with unique interactive play spaces that have been inspired by the cultural, economic and natural history of the area.

The park entrance welcomes visitors with a bubbling millstone fountain, gazebo, peony garden, an herb garden spiral walk, and swinging wooden benches.

The Lost Library, a story circle featuring log benches, an over-sized storyteller’s chair, and a lending library box, harkens back to when the Gaithersburg Library was located on this site into the early 1980s.

Bird’s Nest Hill is home the “Bird’s Nest,” a jumble of logs posts for climbing and pretending, and the garden’s insect hotel.

Sliding Hill features a stump scramble, embankment slides and stepping stones.

Log Town includes natural climbing elements, a sand play area, log playhouses and tables, stump stools, log flumes, and a sensory garden. It’s also home to Bella, Penelope and Wooley, a hand carved wooden cow, pig and sheep that help remind us of Gaithersburg agricultural past. This area of the park is fenced-in and has stroller parking.

The Great Seneca Creek area features picnic tables, a giant, sculptural fallen tree for climbing, and a dry creek with a hand pump. The creek bed is lined with leaves stamped into the concrete and decorative pebbles that sparkle as the water runs over them.

Native plants are showcased throughout the entire park, from dedicated pollinator gardens to hilltop oaks that honor the memory of Gaithersburg’s lost Forest Oak tree, the inspiration for the City’s logo.

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