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Bulk pick up scheduled for Friday, July 3, will be collected Friday, July 10.

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Phase 2 reopening begins week of July 6.
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Bohrer Park at Summit Hall Farm
Griffith Park at City Hall
Kelley Park
Kentlands Lakes
Malcolm King Park
Morris Park

Geocaching is a real-life treasure hunt. Hidden right here in Gaithersburg are treasures awaiting the taking; all you need is a GPS-enabled device and the coordinates of a buried cache. Using GPS units, participants, or "geocachers," plot map coordinates to locate the treasure or "cache" in each city or town.

There are twelve geocache locations registered in Gaithersburg, one of which is maintained by the City at Bohrer Park at Summit Hall Farm. The others are maintained by private citizens. All geoaches within the City limits must be approved prior to placement. Guidelines for hiding a geocaches and an application form can be found in the documents section.

Learn more about geocaching at