Community Services

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Wells House

Community Services implements and supports assistance programs encompassing interim case management, community outreach, and education, housing counseling, financial wellness, emergency assistance and safety-net services, and provides resources and referrals to City residents in need.

The Community Services Division has access to a large network of agencies and organizations to which City residents can be referred for assistance.

It also assists nonprofit organizations, schools, the faith-based community, and other community-based organizations dedicated to working with City residents by facilitating the development of collaborative partnerships, offering training and workshops, distributing information, coordinating volunteer opportunities, and convening local coalitions, including the Gaithersburg Coalition of Providers and the Hoarding Taskforce, to ensure the effective and efficient delivery of services.

The City's Educational Enrichment and Community Advisory Committees as well as the nonprofit and school grants are also funded by this activity area, with a focus on support in the areas of Health, Mental Health, Food and Nutrition, Emergency Assistance, Housing Assistance, and Financial and Workforce Development.

Bank On Gaithersburg

Financial education and empowerment, including budget coaching and free tax preparation.


The CHARACTER COUNTS! program is an ethics education program that people of all cultures, races and religious affiliations can embrace.

Food & Nutrition Programs

The City of Gaithersburg and its many partners offer a number of programs and services to ensure that those facing hunger have access to healthy foods throughout the year.

Gaithersburg Grants Portal

City of Gaithersburg Grants for FY19 program implementation (July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019) include Community Services Grants, School Grants, School-Based Nonprofit Grants and Nonprofit Opportunity Grants.

Hoarding Task Force

The mission of The Gaithersburg Hoarding Task Force is to assist and support those people and their families who are in need as a result of hoarding behaviors.

Holiday Giving

The City of Gaithersburg Holiday Giving Program is part of Montgomery County’s Holiday Giving Project. For the past 20 years Gaithersburg’s Community Services Division has coordinated the delivery of food and gifts for the Thanksgiving and December Holidays to resident families.

Homeless Services

The Homeless Services division is responsible for homeless advocacy, community education on homelessness, outreach services, housing, and linking homeless individuals to needed services.

Immigration Resources

The City is one of the most diverse cities in America and we are committed to welcoming, embracing and protecting all who choose to call this place their home.

Junior Mayor & “If I Were Mayor…” Contests

This annual contest for 4th grade students features lessons about municipal government. Essays are submitted to a statewide contest and local entries are used to select Gaithersburg’s Junior Mayor.

Substance Use Resources

A variety of links are available for education, prevention and treatment resources regarding the use of opioids and other substances.

Volunteer Opportunities

Gaithersburg coalition of providers, area nonprofits, and wish list of items needed for area agencies and schools.