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All City facilities are closed, all programs are cancelled, and all but the most essential of City services are curtailed through at least April 30, 2020.
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Gaithersburg Grants Portal

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Welcome to the City of Gaithersburg FY21 School and Nonprofit Grant Opportunities page, with access to the City’s Grant Portal.

We thank you in advance for your interest in working collaboratively to enhance opportunities and provide quality services for our City residents, families and students in an equitable, creative, and impactful way.

Equity in Service as defined by the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services includes the following principles: Dignity, Elimination of Disparities, Access, Distribution of Resources and Community Engagement and Participation. Trainings will be encouraged and offered in FY19 and FY20 on this priority topic.

Below you will find the list of grant programs, specific goals and provider qualifications required for each program, related links, and access to the portal. Additional materials can be found in the Documents box on this page.

Grant Portal Information

The City of Gaithersburg’s School and Nonprofit-in-school FY21 grant portal is now open!

FY21 Timeline

December 10: Portal Opens
January 17: For School-Based Grants only - Application Review due to MCPS
January 31: Applications Due
April 15: EEC Committee Recommendations Presented to City
June 1: City FY21 Budget Adoption
July 1: FY21 Funds Available for Disbursement

Although all grant applications will be considered, this year, the Educational Enrichment Committee has determined that programs which promote the following are a priority:/p>

  • A positive school environment by focusing on student social and emotional well-being, and overall mental health, through trauma-informed and/or addiction prevention services;
  • Racial equity, and inclusion
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Music (STEAM);
  • Parental and community involvement in the school;
  • College, career, and vocational paths;
  • After-school academic enrichment;
  • Early childhood education;
  • Literacy and language promotion.

Funding recommendations for School Grants and Nonprofit School Grants are provided to the Mayor and City Council by the appointed members of the City’s Educational Enrichment Committee (EEC). 

The mission of the EEC is to: Collaborate with families, educators, nonprofits, businesses and other stakeholders to encourage the support of creative, impactful, inclusive and rewarding programs that enrich educational opportunities within our community.

In addition to educational, character-oriented and social enrichment and support, the EEC work plan addresses the promotion of literacy and language and education from “Cradle to Career.”   Parental involvement, equity and inclusion, early childhood education, career and vocational development, and youth addiction and mental health challenges make up the EEC’s current list of priorities.

School Grants

This grant program is designed to assist in meeting the diverse educational needs of students in Gaithersburg area schools through the supplemental funding of school program initiatives.

Eligible schools must have a student enrollment population of 10% or more City of Gaithersburg residents or 150 students who are City residents. The current listing of eligible schools is available in the Documents box.

School-Based Nonprofit Grants

This grant program is designed to support nonprofit 501(c)(3) agencies that provide school-based programming in partnership with an eligible Elementary (starting with Pre-K), Middle or High School.

All programs must be conducted with host school approval and in collaboration with the host school. 

Participation in the City of Gaithersburg Youth Opportunities Coalition is required.

Eligible host schools must have a student enrollment population of 10% or more or 150 City of Gaithersburg resident students. The FY21 listing of eligible schools is available in the Documents box.

Community Services Grants

This grant program is offered to support nonprofit 501(c)(3) agencies that provide program opportunities that address defined social service needs and that offer equitable educational and empowerment opportunities to residents of the City of Gaithersburg through collaborative nonprofit partnerships.

Agencies that offer services within or easily accessible to City residents, who follow a culturally competent and outcomes-oriented service delivery plan, and who continually outreach to meet the needs of a diverse community are encouraged to apply.

Funding recommendations are provided to the Mayor and City Council by the appointed members of the City’s Community Advisory Committee (CAC).

The Mission of the CAC is to: Explore gaps in social services for City of Gaithersburg residents; develop annual statements of needs in priority areas for the issuance of grants/contracts to nonprofit agencies/organizations; review and evaluate nonprofit agency/organization grant/contract proposal submissions and make recommendations to the Mayor and City Council for providing funding for them; and perform annual site visits to nonprofit agencies/organizations that have active grants/contracts with the City.

The full FY20 Grant Solicitation Document and Scopes of Services can be found in the Documents box on this page.