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Stormwater Management Program

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Gaithersburg’s water resources are subject to a variety of pollution sources, which affect the water quality, habitat, and physical condition of local streams and lakes. Because Gaithersburg is an urbanized environment, a majority of pollutants come from urban stormwater and other discharges to the stormwater conveyance system. Along the way, stormwater runoff picks up trash and toxins including fast-food wrappers, cigarette butts, used motor oil, lawn chemicals, and pet waste. This water travels into catch basins and through storm drain pipes and ditches, and discharges untreated into our local streams.

Our local streams flow into the Potomac River, which is our region's drinking water source, and then eventually to the Chesapeake Bay. When left uncontrolled, stormwater pollution can destroy fish, wildlife and habitats; threaten the quality of our drinking water supplies; and reduce the recreational and aesthetic values of our water resources.

One of the major goals of the new stormwater legislation is to increase public awareness about how daily activities can degrade water quality so that we can work together to improve water quality in our local streams, rivers, and the Chesapeake Bay.

Introduction to Stormwater

Learn the basics of stormwater and how polluted runoff impacts our local water resources, drinking water, and the Chesapeake Bay. Discover how Gaithersburg works to protect public health and safety by providing stormwater management to address flooding and water quality issues.

Stormwater Program Fee

The Stormwater Program Fee, formerly known as the Water Quality Protection Charge, is used by the City to comply with state and federal regulatory requirements that address water pollution, stormwater runoff management, and Chesapeake Bay restoration. Additionally, the fee helps to protect the stormwater infrastructure investment made by all property owners within Gaithersburg. Learn how the fee is calculated and look up your property’s expected fee by following the link above.

City Stormwater Services

Explore the ways that Gaithersburg works every day to improve our city’s streams, lakes, and watersheds. Understand how the funds from the Stormwater Program Fee are spent on efforts to restore local water resources to a healthy condition.

Community Engagement and Volunteer Opportunities

Community involvement is essential to maintaining good water quality. When you get involved, you help create a healthier environment for future generations. The City of Gaithersburg encourages active participation by local residents, businesses, schools, and community groups. Click for more information about volunteer and education programs and other ways you can make a difference.