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Fire Systems License

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Fire Alarm

The City of Gaithersburg requires an operational license for the below mentioned fire protection and life safety systems. These systems require periodic testing and maintenance by qualified individuals. The associated annual fee for each system is $65.00.

The City of Gaithersburg has entered into a contract with Brycer LLC., The Compliance Engine in updating our property records regarding the maintenance of fire protection and life safety systems within the city.

Fire protection and life safety systems consist of:

  • Sprinkler systems, standpipe systems and fire pumps
  • Building fire alarms
  • Emergency generators
  • Commercial Kitchen cooking fire protection
  • Specialty fire systems such as FM 200 and clean agents
  • Private fire hydrants
  • Smoke Control Systems

The above mentioned Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems all require periodic maintenance, testing, and inspection.

Property managers and their representatives are provided detailed reports of theses inspection and maintenance procedures by contractors who specialize or are licensed in system inspection, maintenance, testing and repair.

Fire Protection System Operational Licenses will be issued annually for each approved system.
A copy of the most recent inspection, maintenance, and testing records are required to be forwarded to the City of Gaithersburg for review prior to the issuance of these licenses.

Your fire protection and life safety system service contractors will coordinate the upload of maintenance records into their secure web based data management system for the sole purpose of review and approval by the City of Gaithersburg.

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