Neighborhood Services

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Code Inspector at Work
The Neighborhood Services Team is responsible for administering and enforcing a wide variety of City Codes regarding property maintenance, public nuisances, rental housing, landlord-tenant relations, vendors, and home-based businesses. Additionally, the team pursues an active outreach program to work with homeowners associations, rental communities and citizens to enhance the appearance and safety of the City of Gaithersburg.

Hoarding Task Force

The mission of The Gaithersburg Hoarding Task Force is to assist and support those people and their families who are in need as a result of hoarding behaviors. The Task Force strives to raise awareness and educate the community and other service providers about hoarding issues and available resources.

Landlord-Tenant Affairs

In addition to providing information about the law, the Neighborhood Services Staff is charged with mediating landlord-tenant disputes relating to properties in the City.

Rental Housing and Short Term Rentals

All rental properties (including apartments and single-family dwellings) must be licensed every two years. Prior to issuing the final rental license, staff conducts a complete interior and exterior inspection to ensure the dwelling is safe and in compliance with all applicable housing codes.