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Temporary Outdoor Seating & Curbside Pickup Permit

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The City is accepting Temporary Outdoor Seating for restaurants & Curbside Pickup Permits for restaurants & retailers during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The permit will allow restaurants on a temporary basis to place tables and chairs in private parking lots and private and public parking spaces and sidewalks. The permit also will allow businesses to establish temporary curbside pickup locations in private parking lots and public parallel parking spaces. There is no fee for either this permit application or any associated Sign or Tent Permit applications. The permit will be valid until either September 30 or when the City terminates this temporary use, following when both the Maryland and Montgomery County executive orders limiting indoor restaurant seating are completely lifted - whichever comes first.

For outdoor seating, the applicant shall provide the following:

  • Plan with dimensions that shows the location of outdoor seating in relationship to the restaurant and how it will be partitioned from the general public, including type of partition, location, and height.
  • Location of tables and seating spaced at least six (6) feet away from each seated party.
  • Plan that shows the location of all egress points.
  • If seating is placed in a parking lot, a plan must show how many parking spaces temporarily will be removed, how many parking spaces will remain, and how seating area will be defined.
  • If parking lot drive aisles will be affected, a plan must include how traffic flow will be modified.
  • If the outdoor seating area is to utilize public sidewalks or parking spaces, the applicant must include a completed Temporary Restaurant License and Permit Agreement with the City.
  • If the outdoor seating area is to utilize sidewalks, a clear path at least three (3)-foot wide must be maintained to comply with ADA.
  • If alcohol is to be served, the restaurant must comply with Montgomery County requirements.
  • Any additional information which may be reasonably required by City Staff to accomplish the review of this permit

The placement of each tent over the seating area will require a separate Tent Permit.

For curbside pickup, the applicant must provide the following:

  • Plan showing the location of curbside pickup in relationship to the business.
  • How the location will be defined and sectioned off from other traffic.
  • How the location will be signed, if applicable.
  • Any additional information which may be reasonably required by City Staff to accomplish the review of this permit

Temporary outdoor seating and curbside pickup signage may require a separate Sign Permit.

If applicable, an approval letter from the property owner is required for both applications. Businesses seeking a permit must have a valid use and occupancy permit.

Staff will make all attempts to expeditiously review the completed application for health, safety, and general welfare.

For questions or more information contact Staff at 301-258-6330 or