Citizen Information in Traffic Enforcement (CITE)

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badge graphicCitizens may report violations of the traffic laws of the State of Maryland occurring in the City directly to the Gaithersburg Police Department by filling out and submitting the information on the form below.

After reviewing the information, the Gaithersburg Police Department will send a letter to the vehicle owner documenting the complaint, and urging compliance with the traffic code, or otherwise appropriately address the matter. The person filing the complaint is not identified in the correspondence and anonymity is ensured.

The letter will explain that the operator of the vehicle was witnessed committing a particular violation at a specific date, time and location. The letter is written diplomatically in hopes that the owner will either correct his or her driving habits or, in the event that someone else was operating the owner's vehicle, address the situation appropriately. Online citizen reporting has proven successful in other communities as evidenced by comments made by the recipients of the letters - particularly parents of young drivers and business owners with employee drivers.

This program provides the opportunity for complaints to be addressed without the burdensome application for a charging document, service of process and possibly multiple court appearances.

CITE - Notification

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