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The Community Services Officer (CSO) serves as the focal point for communication between the citizens and the police department and facilitates a cohesive and proactive approach to problem solving by the department.

The CSO accomplishes this by identifying community concerns, developing strategies to address those concerns, accessing the appropriate agency, department, or personnel with the resources to positively affect a resolution, and evaluating the effectiveness of those efforts on an ongoing basis by regularly following up with community and staff members.

Services and Related Information


The Community Services Officer, as part of his/her proactive approach, performs a variety of crime prevention strategies such as:

  • Residential Home Security Surveys
  • Commercial Security Surveys
  • Safety Presentations
  • Providing Informational Handouts
  • Coordinating the City's Neighborhood Watch Program
  • Coordinating National Night Out Against Crime Activities
  • Community Speaking Engagements
  • Check on Patrols
  • Attending Community Meetings such as HOA Meetings and Council in the Community Meetings.

Bicycle Registration

All registrations are to be done online with the Montgomery County Bicycle Registration System.


The Gaithersburg Police Department does not provide statistics for locations within the City. DataMontgomery, provides the public with direct access to crime statistic databases - including raw data and search functions – of reported County crime. The data presented is derived from reported crimes classified according to the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) of the Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program and documented by approved police incident reports. The data is compiled by “EJustice”, a respected law enforcement records-management system used by the Montgomery County Police Department and many other law enforcement agencies. To protect victims’ privacy, no names or other personal information are released. All data is refreshed on a quarterly basis to reflect any changes in status due to on-going police investigation.

DataMontgomery allows the public to query the Montgomery County Police Department's database of founded crime. The information contained herein includes all founded crimes reported after July 1, 2016, and entered to-date utilizing Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) rules. Please note that under UCR rules multiple offenses may appear as part of a single founded reported incident, and each offense may have multiple victims. Please note that these crime reports are based on preliminary information supplied to the Police Department by the reporting parties. Therefore, the crime data available on this web page may reflect DataMontgomery.