Police Department General Orders

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The following documents represent the General Orders for the Gaithersburg Police Department. Certain Department policies and procedures have been withheld entirely or redacted in sections, consistent with the Maryland State Law, to prevent the release of information that, if disclosed, would jeopardize operations or create risk to public or officer safety.

100 Series General Orders

100.1 Mission and Core Values
101.1 Organization, Authority and Discretion
102.1 Unity of Command and Supervision
102.2 Roles and Responsibility of Supervisors
103.1 Written Directive System
104.1 Administrative Reporting System
104.2 Department Forms
105.1 Planning and Research
106.1 Personnel Allocation and Distribution
106.2 Specialized Assignments
107.1 Budgets, Purchasing and Accounting
107.2 Inventory Control
108.1 Department Records
108.2 Public Access to Reports and Records
108.3 Uniform Crime Reporting Activities
108.4 Reporting of Incidents
108.5 Expungement of Records
108.6 Records Maintained Outside Central Files
108.7 Department Computer and Network Security
108.9 Computer Proficiency
108.10 Information Received by Phone, Fax, Mail and Email
108.12 Building Security Access
109.1 Inspections
110.1 Warrant and Wanted Person File


200 Series General Orders


200.1 Code of Conduct, Rules and Regulations
200.2 Sexual and Unlawful Harassment
200.3 Appearance and Grooming
200.4 Employee Involved Domestic Violence
200.5 Personnel Early Warning System
201.1 Position Classification and Job Tasks
202.1 Compensation, Benefits and Working Conditions
202.2 Physicals, Physical Fitness and Wellness
202.3 Line of Duty Death and Support Services
202.4 Employee Assistance Program
202.5 Peer Support
202.6 Ceremonial Honor Guard
202.7 Military Leave
203.1 Uniforms and Equipment
204.1 Secondary Employment
206.1 Department Awards Program
207.1 Promotional Process
208.1 Disciplinary System
208.2 Disposition Matrix
208.2(a) Violation Matrix Addendum
208.3 Alternative Disciplinary Procedure
209.1 Internal Affairs
210.1 Performance Evaluations
210.2 Performance Evaluation Criteria
211.1 Auxiliaries and Interns
212.1 Police Cadet Program
213.1 Parking Enforcement Officials
214.1 Law Enforcement Officers' Safety Act (LEOSA)


300 Series General Orders

300.1 Recruitment
300.2 Processing Employment Applications
301.1 Equal Employment Opportunity
302.1 Recruitment Plan
304.1 Selection, Hiring, & Backgrounds

400 Series General Orders

400.1 Training, Training Committee and Career Development
401.1 Training Requirements and Reimbursement
401.2 In-Service Training and Weapons Qualifications
401.3 Roll-Call Procedures and Training
401.4 Training for Civilian Employees
401.5 Accreditation Process
402.1 Lesson Plans and Class Records
403.1 Department Training Records
404.1 Instructors
405.1 Recruit Training
405.2 Field Training Program

500 Series General Orders

500.1 Crime Analysis

600 Series General Orders

600.1 Response to Resistance / Aggression
600.2 Response to Resistance / Aggression Reporting and Review Process
600.5 Conducted Electrical Weapon CEW
600.6 Ballistic Shield
601.1 Prisoner Searches and Transports
601.2 Strip and Body Cavity Searches
601.3 Searches and Seizures
601.4 Field Interviews and Ban Notices
601.5 Mobile Automated Fingerprint Identification System (Mobile AFIS)
602.2 Response to Persons with Mental Illness or Cognitive Disability
602.3 Extreme Risk Protective Orders
603.1 Response to Calls and Response Codes
603.2 Incidents Requiring Supervisory Response
603.3 Response to Domestic Disputes and Standbys
603.4 Responding with Fire / Rescue
603.5 Emergency Shelter Cases
603.6 Bomb Threats and Evacuations
603.7 Evacuations not Involving Bombs
603.8 Response to Alarms
603.10 Opiate Overdose Response Program
603.11 CAD Location Information File Entries
604.1 The Patrol Function and Service Delivery
604.2 Preliminary and Follow-Up Investigations
604.3 Victim and Witness Assistance
604.4 Investigation of Hate Crimes
604.5 Investigation of Child Abuse and Neglect
604.6 Investigation of Nursing Home Abuse
604.7 Investigation of Rapes and Sexual Offenses
604.9 Case Screening and Case File Management System
604.11 Eyewitness Identification, Composites, Show-Ups, Photo Arrays and Live Line-Ups
605.1 Communications
605.2 Requesting PSCC Radio and Telephone Tape Records
606.1 Department Vehicles and Equipment
606.2 Special Purpose Vehicles
606.3 Personal Patrol Vehicle Program
607.1 Notification of Command Staff and Peer Support
607.2 Notification of Investigators
607.3 Notification of Federal Agencies
607.4 Notification of State's Attorney's Office
607.5 Habitual Offenders
607.6 Notification of Medical Examiner 
607.7 Notification of Public Works, State and County Roads, Utilities and Media
607.8 Notification of Next-of-Kin
608.1 Missing Persons
609.1 Canine Use 
610.1 Vice, Drugs and Organized Crime
610.2 Identity Theft Investigation and Reporting
610.5 Street Crimes Unit
611.2 Investigation of Protest or Advocacy Groups
612.1 Communicable Disease Policy
616.1 Parking, Stolen Vehicles and Towing
616.3 Watch your Car Program
616.4 License Plate Recognition System
617.1 Escorts, HAZMAT and Traffic Engineering
618.1 Traffic Direction and Control
619.1 Traffic Enforcement Activities
619.2 Audio/Video Digital Recording Systems
619.3 Bias Based Policing
619.4 Body Worn Cameras
619.5 Mobile Hotspot Devices & Mobile Devices
620.1 Traffic Law Enforcement
620.2 Selective Traffic Enforcement
620.3 Enforcement of Speed Violations
620.4 DUI / DWI Enforcement
620.5 Speed Camera Systems
621.1 Traffic Collision Investigation
621.2 Traffic Collisions Involving City Vehicles
622.1 Vehicular and Fresh Pursuits
622.2 Roadblocks and Forcible Stopping
622.4 Foot Pursuits
623.1 Court Appearances
627.1 Diplomatic Immunity
628.1 Consular and ICE Notifications

700 Series General Orders 

700.1 Concurrent Jurisdiction and Mutual Aid
700.2 Limited Statewide Jurisdiction
700.3 Borrowing and Loaning Equipment

800 Series General Orders 

800.1 Warrant Service and Arrest Processing
800.2 Arrests without Warrants and Processing
800.3 Arrest Alternatives and Citation Issuance
801.1 Interviews, Interrogations and Access to Counsel
801.2 Polygraph and CVSA 
803.1 Summons and Subpoena Service

900 Series General Orders

900.1 Juvenile Matters and Delinquency Prevention
900.2 Investigations Involving Juveniles
901.1 Charging Juveniles
902.1 Missing, Runaway, Abandoned, Abducted, Found or Unidentified Juveniles


1000 Series General Orders

1000.1 Critical Incidents
1000.2 Incident Command System
1001.1 Search and Rescue Operations
1002.1 Emergency Mobilization of Personnel
1003.1 Planning for Special Events
1004.1 Natural and Man-Made Disasters
1005.1 Civil Disturbances


1100 Series General Orders

1101.1 Protecting and Processing Crime Scenes
1102.1 Suicide Notes
1103.1 Digital Photos and Recordings of Crime Scenes
1104.1 Latent Fingerprint Evidence
1105.1 The Property and Evidence Function
1106.1 Currency and Conveyance Seizures 
1107.1 Seizing Computers and Equipment

1200 Series General Orders

1200.1 Crime Prevention and Community Relations
1201.1 Media Relations and Public Information
1202.1 Social Media
1203.1 Audio / Video Recording of Officers
1204.1 Internet Purchase Exchange Location