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Snow Removal

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snow_removal_001When it snows in Gaithersburg, the Public Works Department staff goes into action. These snow fighters concentrate on keeping City streets passable during winter weather events, and cleared as soon as possible after the storm is over.

If you have a comment or concern during or immediately following a storm, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or leave a message at 240-805-1345.

The following is a list of general information and ways you can help our snow fighters provide the most efficient winter weather services.


Stock emergency kits and winterize your vehicle and home.

Move vehicles off City roads.

Find out if your street is within City limits using the GIS Map & App Gallery here.

Snow Emergency
If declared, all vehicles must be removed from snow emergency routes.

Vehicles parked in violation are subject to ticketing and towing at the owner’s expense.

Additional Winter Weather Preparation and Safety Tips

Salt brine is applied to City maintained roads two days before predicted storm.

Road salt is applied once snow begins to stick to street surface.

Locate and mark the nearest fire hydrant. Keep it clear of snow during and after storm.

Plowing begins after snow accumulates 2 inches on roadway.

Order of Plowing
1. Primary Roads
2. Secondary Roads
3. Neighborhood Roads
4. Courts

It takes 8 - 10 hours to plow all City streets ONE time.

Crews work 24/7 until all roads are cleared.

Do not allow children to play in snow close to the road or on high piles of snow left by plow trucks.

More Information

Stay off the roads! Do not drive until roads are cleared.

If you must drive:
Yield to plow and salt trucks and keep your distance.
Clear snow and frost completely off roofs, windshields, windows, headlights, and taillights.

Make sure your vehicle is equipped with snow or all weather tires and emergency supplies.

Shovel after crews have finished clearing roadways.

Do not throw snow into the street or court.

Shovel in the direction of traffic.

Snow Removal Policy
Residents/business owners are required to remove snow/ice from public sidewalks along their property within 12 hours of the last precipitation.

To avoid repeated shoveling, wait until the plow crews have cleared the roadways.

Snow Shoveling Information and Tips

Winter Weather Frequently Asked Questions
If you have a comment or concern during or immediately following a storm, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
E-mail or leave a message at 240-805-1345.