City Closures & Cancellations
All City facilities are closed, all programs are cancelled, and all but the most essential of City services are curtailed through at least June 14, 2020.
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Snow Shoveling Information & Tips

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You will probably have your own snow removal to do where you live, whether it is to shovel your driveway, car or sidewalk. Please try to avoid throwing snow back into streets that have been cleared. Doing so can produce more hazardous conditions or lead to unnecessary melting and refreezing conditions on your street. Your street may not get plowed again as crews that have worked long hours by this point may have been sent home for rest.

Avoid the “Second Shovel”

People can play a part in ensuring the ends of their driveways remain clear of snow even after their local snowplow comes through. Shoveling a “corner” of the right-of-way free of snow in the area several feet before the driveway will help keep that same snow from being pushed into the driveway in an icy, heavy pile. Clearing an area large enough to hold the snow coming off the plow may help reduce the “second shovel.”

The City plows public streets only. Private streets, mews, alleys, driveways, parking lots, head-in parking spaces, and entranceways are the responsibility of the property owner.

Many people in our community rely on public transportation, and once school has resumed, children need a safe place to walk. Please help us keep people from having to walk in the streets by doing your part. If a sidewalk is adjacent to your property, you are responsible to clear snow and ice off of that sidewalk within 12 hours of the last snowfall or freeze.

If there is a fire hydrant in your yard or on a public right-of-way near your home, mark it with some type of safe marker such as a wooden stake and keep it clear of snow. It may be your home for which the fire department needs water.