Recycling Notice

  • The collection of recyclable materials scheduled for Monday, January 14, will be collected on Saturday, January 19.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Notices

Oil & Antifreeze Recycling Area

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Oil Recycling Station Sign

The City of Gaithersburg encourages residents to use the oil and antifreeze recycling building that is designed to promote clean and easy use.

The biggest challenge of nonpoint source pollution is prevention. Many do not realize that when it rains, the water, pollutants, and debris in your gutters, parking lots and streets enter the storm drain and directly drain into local streams, into the Potomac River, and eventually into the Chesapeake Bay.

When performing vehicle maintenance, remember that oil and antifreeze are toxic to humans, plants and animals. Do not dump used automobile fluids down drains, storm drains, or on the ground. In fact, it is illegal! One quart of oil can contaminate up to 250,000 gallons of drinking water or create a two-acre oil slick. It has been estimated that every three weeks, more oil is deposited on driveways and streets in the United States than the Exxon Valdez Oil spill in Alaska!