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Recycle Right - Corrugated Cardboard & Mixed Paper

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cardboard box

Corrugated cardboard is the heavy brown cardboard with the wavy center that is used for shipping (as opposed to the light, thin paper board of cereal boxes).
Flatten boxes prior to recycling.
• No pizza boxes or boxes contaminated with food or grease. Pizza boxes can be brought to the Compost Drop-Off Site.
• No wax coated boxes.

newspaperMIXED PAPER

• Mixed paper includes white paper, colored paper, computer paper, junk mail, magazines, envelopes, file cards, paper bags, shoe boxes, cereal boxes, and books (including paperbacks, textbooks, hardbacks & telephone books).
• Milk/Juice Cartons and Tetra Paks.             
• Shredded Paper is also accepted, shredded paper should be contained in a paper bag that has been rolled closed.
• For the 65 Gallon Wheeled Recycling Carts, these materials can be combined with the commingled materials (cans, glass & plastics).
• For the 18 Gallon Recycling Bins, please combine all clean paper & place in: Small paper bags, tied with strong twine in small bundles, or placed in small containers and/or small boxes with lids.
• Plastic "windows" & staples in paper items are acceptable. You do not need to remove them.
• If using biodegradable yard trim bags for your recyclable paper, clearly label the bag with its contents.
• Paper towels & similar paper products are not recyclable. They are accepted at the Compost Drop-Off Site.
• No beverage cups.
• Do not include newspapers contaminated with paint, chemicals, kitty litter, water or anything else.